Took part in the 2022 Academy for music theatre


Staging teams:

Project Igor Stravinsky – Histoire du Soldat
Pierre Florac (stage director, France), Eleonora Rodigari (stage and light designer, Italy) – Paris/Milan (Cours Florent, Accademia di Brera)

Project Hans Werner Henze – El Cimarrón
Viktoria Agarkova (stage director, Russia), Irina Deryabina (stage and costume designer, Russia) – Moscow (Gitis)

Project Georges Aperghis – Récitations
Kapitolina Tcvetkova (stage director, Russia), Clément Debras (stage, lights and costume designer, France) – Strasbourg (Haute École des Arts du Rhin)

Initially selected for the project Histoire du Soldat, the team formed by Yannick Betancourt Santoscoy was not able to complete their project and was replaced in March 2022 by the first team from the waiting list, consisting of Pierre Florac and Eleonora Rodigari



Stefano Boccacci (Italy-Colombia)
Gabriela Opacka-Boccadoro (Poland)
Carlo Emilio Tortarolo (Italy)



Yanick Betancourt Santoscoy (stage director, Mexico), Raphëlle Blin (playwright, France), Anita Cappucinelli (percussions, Italia), Antonin Combet (performing arts administration, France), Mona Recordier-Dahdouh (stage direction, France), Virginie Daigle (autor, stage director, Canada), Rosalind Fielding (playwright, UK), Arthur Hauvette (stage director, France), Jeanne Levet (stage designer, France), Sérine Mahfoud (stage director, France), Anna Oustinov (stage director, France), Mitchell Polonsky (stage director, US), Sheila Sanfeliz (composer, Spain), Kristyna Svihalkova (percussions, Czech Republic), Hugo Valat (playwright, France).
Students form the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Nîmes:Lorna Brun (4th year), Eloïse Kohn (4th year), Salomé Mercier (4th year), Juliette Vergori (5th year)

For various reasons, some selected participants were not able to attend the Academy in 2022: Suzie Baret-Faby (stage director, France), Marlène Perriau (choreographer, France), Emmanuelle Peron (stage director, France), Mengqi Wang (musicology, China).

Teaching staff, classes and performers

The 2022 Academy was overseen by

Antoine Gindt, stage director
Léo Warynski, conductor
Yoan Héreau, pianist and music rehearsals
Elodie Brémaud, assistant stage director
Elise Capdenat, stage designer
Daniel Levy, lights



Raquel Camarinha (soprano, Récitations)
Iván García (bass, El Cimarrón)
Richard Dubelski, Eric Houzelot, Mathieu Loiseau (actors, Histoire du Soldat)
Eloïse Kohn (ésban student, Histoire du Soldat)
Ensemble Multilatérale



From the 3rd to the 6th of May 2022, the classes took place at the école supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Nîmes and were carried out by Antoine Gindt, together with Léo Warynski and Elise Capdenat

Master classes and public program

  • Sunday May 8th at the Sémaphore : 200 Motels / Frank Zappa, movie by Corentin Leconte and Philippe Béziat, after the show by Antoine Gindt, followed by a meeting with Philippe Béziat
  • Monday May 9th at the Sémaphore : Master classe by Philippe Béziat, movie director
  • Monday May 9th at the Sémaphore : Indes Galantes, movie by Philippe Béziat, after the show by Clément Cogitore, followed by a Q&A with Philippe Béziat
  • Tuesday May 10th at the Carré d’Art: Master classe by Marie-Louise Bischofberger, author and stage director
  • Wednesday May 11th at the Carré d’Art: Master classe by Sarah Barbedette, delegate artistic director of the Orchestre de Chambre de Paris
  • Wednesday May 11th at the Musée de la Romanité’s Auditorium: Academicians’ Concert
  • Tursday May 12th at the Musée de la Romanité’s Auditorium : Master classe by Laurent Bayle, founder and first general director of the Paris Philharmonie
  • Tursday May 12th at the Centre Social Simone Veil : L’Histoire du Soldat
  • Friday May 13th at the Petit temple : Récitations
  • Friday May 13th at the Odéon (Théâtre de Nîmes) : El Cimarrón

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Organisation et équipe T&M

The 2022 Acadmy for Music theatre was organised by T&M Nîmes/Occitanie in partnership with the Ensemble Multilatérale, the Théâtre de Nîmes, the ésban, the CRD de Nîmes, the Carré d’Art-Musée d’Art contemporain, the Musée de la Romanité, the Centre social Simone Veil, the cinéma Sémaphore, the Maison du Protestantisme…

With the support of the Fondation d’entreprise AG2R LA MONDIALE pour la vitalité artistique, of SAS Océan, of the Cercle T&M and of the Sacem. With thanks to the Opera national de Paris and the Orchestre national Avignon-Provence.

T&M Nîmes/Occitanie is affiliated with the French Ministry for Culture (DRAC Occitanie) and receives support from the City of Nîmes, the Région Occitanie and the Département du Gard.


T&M Team:

Antoine Gindt, director
Camille Ollivier, administrator
Lysiane Louis, in charge of development
Julie Bonnet, in charge of production
Sara Pisani, administration and production intern
Cecilia Franco, drafting of the acts
Didier Coudry, technical director
Mathieu Sautel, stage manager
Lionel Roumegous, assistant stage manager
Olivier Petit, assistant stage manager
Vincent Gabriel, lights manager

With thanks to the teams of the Théâtre de Nîmes and the Centre Social Simone Veil.