About us

Directed by Antoine Gindt and Léo Warynski, produced by T&M in Nîmes, in an appropriate setting and exceptional cultural context, the Academy offers a unique training course dedicated to the approach and practice of staging musical works.

Under the mentorship of a professional team, with renowned and experienced performers (soloists and musicians), the Academy gives the selected teams the possibility to stage a reference work of 20th century music theatre.

This production will be showed to the public and to the professionals at the end of the Academy.

The Academy has three main goals:

  • To offer a time of training, learning and practicing, reflection and exchange to young staging teams and to young artists coming from art, musical, theatrical (…) studies,
  • To give a chance to young artists to be in touch with the fundamental music theater repertoires of 20th and 21st century,
  • To share this educational period with the public and with cultural and performing arts professionals.


The Academy will start on February 2022 (Staging projects).
Courses and workshops will take place in Nîmes, May 2-14, 2022.

Selection 2022

Registrations closed October 15, allowed the following selection:

  • 3 teams for the 3 works to be staged
  • the individuel participants to the Academy

Staging Teams

Igor Stravinsky – Histoire du Soldat Project
Yanick Bettancourt
(Stage Direction, Mexico), Marianne Joffre (Set Design, France), Irène Jolivard (Costumes, France), Alexandre Schreiber (Light Design, France) – Lyon, France (Ecole Normale Supérieure, ENSATT)

Hans Werner Henze – El Cimarrón Project
Viktoria Agarkova (Stage Direction, Russia), Irina Deryabina (Set and Costumes Design, Russia) – Moscow (Russian University of Theatre Arts-GITIS)

Georges Aperghis – Récitations Project
Kapitolina Tcvetkova (Stage Direction, Russia), Clément Debras (Set, Light and Costumes Design, France) – Strasbourg (Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin)


Stefano Boccacci (Italy-Colombia)
Gabriela Opacka (Poland)
Carlo Tortarolo (Italy)


Suzie Baret-Faby (Stage Direction, France), Raphëlle Blin (Dramaturgy, France), Anita Cappucicinelli (percussion, Italy), Antonin Combet (Management, France), Mona Dahdouh (Stage Direction, France), Virginie Daigle (Writer, Stage Direction, Canada), Rosalind Fielding (Dramaturgy, United Kingdom), Cecilia Franco (Dramaturgy, Italy), Arthur Hauvette (Stage Direction, France), Jeanne Levet (Set Design, France), Sérine Mahfoud (Stage Direction, France), Anna Oustinov (Stage Direction, France), Emmanuelle Peron (Stage Direction, France), Marlène Perriau (Choreography, France), Mitchell Polonsky (Stage Direction, USA), Sheila Sanfeliz (Composer, Spain), Krystina Svihalkova (Percussion, Czech Republic), Hugo Valat (Dramaturgy, France), Mengqi Wang (Musicoly, China).

Six students from the Fine Arts High School of Nîmes will join this selection.

In 2022, the Academy welcomes

The Academy is free of charge (except for registration fees), travel and accommodation being at the expense of the participants.
A grant system can be studied.