Second edition of the Academy for Music Theatre

Direction Antoine Gindt and Léo Warynski
Compositeur associé : Dmitri Kourliandski
Ensembles associés : Ensemble intercontemporain, The HeadShakers


On February 14, 2023, the Ministry of Culture (DRAC Occitanie) informed us that the subsidy allocated to T&M in 2023 was divided by two. Solutions were sought but it was illusory to find a satisfactory one in so little time. It is thus with the most immense regret that the General Assembly of the company was forced to cancel this program, an unprecedented decision since all these years of activity and creation.

Since 1976, Atem, founded by Georges Aperghis and relayed from 1998 by T&M, has written a great chapter in the history of contemporary musical and lyrical theater in France and in Europe. From 1998 to 2022, fifty shows have been produced involving as many composers. The Academy's vocation is to allow young artists to learn and confront these contemporary repertoires and to give a continuation to this know-how.

About us

In Nîmes, in an ideal setting and an exceptional cultural context, the Academy offers a unique training program, dedicated to the study and practice of staging musical works.

Under the tutelage of a professional team, with well-known and experienced performers (singers and musicians), the Academy gives to selected teams the means of staging a work of reference of 20th century musical theater. Individual participants are invited to learn from and observe this process.

The productions are presented to the public and to a panel of professionals at the end of the Academy.

In 2023, the Academy adds to its program by welcoming Dmitri Kourliandski as an associate composer. He will lead a group of six young composers through the issues of writing and musical dramaturgy relating to contemporary musical theater.

The Academy has three main goals:

To offer a time of training, learning and practice,reflection and exchange to young artists with musical, theatrical and performing arts backgrounds,
To create connections between these young artists and the fundamental music theater repertoires of the 20th and 21st century
To share this educational period with the public and professionals.

For whom ?

Selection for the Academy 2023:

Staging Teams

Team 1: Project Les Aventures du Roi fou (Ligeti/Maxwell Davies)
David Paška (Stage Director, Slovakia) Julius Leon Seiler Set Designer, Germany) Maria-Lena Poindl (Costume designer, Austria), team from Vienna.
Team 2: Project Three penny's Opera (Brecht/Weill)
Jean Massé (Stage Director, France) Aliénor Durand (Stage Designer, France) Nicolas Girard-Michelotti (Dramaturg, France), team from Paris.

Team 3: Project Song Books (John Cage)
Maria Fomicheva (Stage Director, Russia) Alyona Glinskaya (Stage Designer, Russia), team from Moscow.


Individual applications:

Tyler Bouque (USA), Tze Yeung Ho (Norway) Maxime Milhorat Gusteau (France), Alex Crestey (France), Adrien Irankhah (France), Rafat Ryterski (Poland) Mengqi Wang (China) Esteilla Besson (France), Marianne Leu (France), Jieun Jeon (Corea) Soïzic Trohel-Herbe (France), Fernando Palomeque (Argentine/Pologne), Léa Manesse-Lamri (France), Lolita Morange (France), Imogen Brewer (Royaume-Uni), Roman Parkhomenko (Russia) Bruna Di Virgilio (Italy) Sergei Leonov (Russia) Constança Simas (Portugal)

The Academy will be welcoming:

The Academy is free of charge (except for registration fees), travel and accommodation being at the expense of the participants.

A grant system can be studied.